Welcome to Brobar, Australia’s exciting new skin care lounge open to everyone, offering professional unisex facial treatments, teeth whitening, laser hair removal and more. Designed to make men feel at home with getting the professional skin care they deserve . Remember walking into your local barber for a haircut? A treatment at our open plan barbershop style lounge is as easy as that, bro!

Our mission is to make looking after your skin simple and accessible, there’s no need to feel intimidated by professional skin care. Walk in whenever suits you and enjoy a relaxing treatment in a comfy barbershop style chair. Offering skin treatment solutions that you don’t need to sit for hours to achieve results you’ll be broasting to your friends about.

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Not sure what treatment can help? Walk-ins are always welcome, we are ready to talk about any common skin concerns and how to treat them.

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Brobar is a grooming revolution for the male market with an open plan space and affordable fast treatments that work. A unique experience, for you to feel more comfortable, walk out educated about skin care and give you the confidence to look after your skin.


The high end feel of the interior space does not reflect the price point, rather to show you that we are serious about men’s self-care. Simple and clean but not clinical – reflects our services and approach to skin care.


Bobar aims to take away the serious and confusing nature and clinical atmosphere surrounding the traditional “beauty salon”. With less options and using top of the line technology for treatments that work, makes Brobar a self care solution that just makes sense.




    With over 25 years’ experience in the beauty industry, our team has worked hard to streamline our facial treatments to ensure you’ll see fantastic results in a very short time. This is not just about getting ready for a special occasion though, we also give you the tools to start a simple skin care routine of your own. To maintain you skin health and correct any problem areas.

    Being our biggest organ, it’s important to look after your skin no matter your age. Male skin can be more oily, coarser and sensitive as shaving can causes irritation, understanding this, we’re here to help you with an effective yet gentle routine that’ll leave you with healthy skin and a glowing complexion for the long-term.

    Bankstown Central

    Marrickville Metro

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    Dermal Fillers, Anti Wrinkle and NonSurgical treatments


    We have a Registered Cosmetic Injectables Nurse.